A winemaker and farmer who has worked with vineyards and made wines all over the world.  He currently owns vineyards in Sonoma and Mendocino County while living in Healdsburg, Ca. Phil is the managing partner for Healdsburg Ranches and oversees the daily operations.


A winemaker with an extensive background in agronomy that brings a scientific approach to crafting the Healdsburg Ranches wines. During her early studies in Europe, Ginny became attuned to organic and biodynamic methods and now recognizes the importance of following the cycles of the planet in the vineyard to create an ecosystem that fosters the production of high quality grapes. Ginny is the head winemaker for the Healdsburg Ranches wines.


Fourth and Fifth Generation Farmers, Paul is a highly respected winemaker and is considered one of the fathers of organic and biodynamic viticultural practices in California.  He works with his son, Heath, in managing various vineyard operations that lend the finest grapes to Healdsburg Ranches.


In the early days of the California wine industry, Healdsburg was the center of the North Coast, a small farm town where the ranchers and farmers would come to get the tools, equipment, and supplies needed to maintain their land. It was here that they would also buy the local wines, varietally labeled, reasonably priced, and damn good. The wines of Healdsburg Ranches are homage to these wines.

Healdsburg Ranches is owned by a partnership of growers and winemakers who started in the business in those early days, and remembers those wines well. The grapes are sourced all along the cool California coast and each wine is crafted under the direction of Virginia Marie (Ginny to us) Lambrix, whose experience in working with these vineyards, and ability to craft wines of balance and style guarantees exceptional wines at a reasonable price.

All of our wines are produced from great vineyard sources using time-honored techniques (with a little modern technology thrown in). Our hope is that you will taste in them what we tasted when we first started in the industry, wines that are true to their variety and place of origin, balanced, smooth, easy to drink, and hard to forget.